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This is a tricky day because of the moon alert. Meanwhile, you are high-visibility. You could end up with egg on your face. Take it easy.

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Avoid big decisions and restrict your spending to food, gas and entertainment. Do something different.

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Meet new faces and see new places; restrict your spending to food, gas and entertainment because of the moon alert. Your efficiency might suffer, but you will have fun schmoozing. If you try hard to stick to your agenda, you will be frustrated because the entire day is a moon alert.

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However, if you lighten up a bit, you will find you are full of creative, original ideas. Make note of them. But do not act on them until tomorrow. Still, have fun! Even though you are empowered with four planets in your sign, your efficiency, especially at work, will suffer because of the moon alert. It affects everyone.

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  6. Oh Look, the Kid From "Free Willy" Is All Grown Up Now.
  7. Expect delays, shortages and goofy mistakes. This can be an enjoyable day. Restrict spending to food, gas and entertainment. Fear not, everyone is a bit confused and lacking in focus because of the moon alert. Not shopping. This is the perfect day to socialize and have fun with others. If you attend meetings, enjoy discussions but agree to nothing important. Wait until tomorrow. Likewise, only window-shop. Your focus continues to be on your dealings with bosses, parents and authority figures. Furthermore, you are high-visibility.

    Yes, people notice you. This is a wonderful day to explore new ideas and put a new spin on things. Nevertheless, wait until tomorrow to settle on any important decisions. When your innocence is reborn—as it will be, sooner or later—it will be wiser and wilder than ever before. LEO July 23—Aug 22 : There's a small chance that the following scenario will soon come to pass: You'll be invited to become part of a situation that promises to give you special privileges or inside information.

    But after you join, you'll find out that your participation would require you to compromise your principles.

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    But there's a far greater chance—over 80 percent—that the following scenario will take place: You'll be invited to join your fortunes to a group or circle or tribe or situation that won't ask you to dilute your integrity or betray your values at all. In fact, it's likely to activate a dormant part of your potential. The moral of the story, Leo: Be very discerning.

    VIRGO Aug 23—Sept 22 : Right now you have more power than you realize—more power to understand confusing situations, more power to influence people you've assumed are resistant to change, and more power to overcome your apparent disadvantages. In fact, the only factor that could prevent you from accomplishing way more than what you thought possible is a lack of confidence. Please note, Virgo: I'm not urging you to cultivate a foolishly arrogant faith in your ego.

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    Rather, I'm clueing you in to the fact that there are hidden forces at work you can call on to help you—wisdom that has been dormant, love that has been neglected, and allies who have been mum. The gushing page message took him over three months to complete. Oddly, it was addressed to an imaginary woman, since there was no one in his life he was actually in love with.

    I encourage you to consider the possibility of exceeding his achievement in the coming weeks, Libra. You're at the peak of your ability to express wickedly delicious passions and profoundly tender intentions. There may even be a real person, not an imaginary one, who warrants your extravagant outflow. I came across one entry that I think would be perfect for you to use as your own in the coming weeks.

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    But thank you, anyway! Realize the strength, move on. All the cosmic forces will be conspiring in the coming weeks to help you to do the equivalent of rhyming "Tonka" and "Sri Lanka" with "Willy Wonka. The NSFW video is here: www. In Richard Wagner's opera Tristan and Isolde, Tristan rails against the daylight, calling it the enemy of romantic love. And in their book Immediacy and Reflection in Kierkegaard's Thought, the editors theorize that "capitalism, which makes a fetish out of sex The most dangerous enemy of romantic love—or any other kind of love, for that matter—is this: not listening well.

    Overcome that enemy, Capricorn.

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    One woman I know tickles each swollen bulb of seeds with a toothbrush. Another uses a camel-hair brush. Metaphorically speaking, Aquarius, I suspect you will have to try something similar in the coming weeks: making an intervention to facilitate a fertilizing process that doesn't quite seem to be happening naturally. PISCES Feb 19—March 20 : In the coming week, your psyche may sometimes have an odd tingling sensation that resembles what happens when you hit your funny bone.