My astrological chart

You may notice that there are some black symbols in my chart that are not mentioned on the above table.

How To Make Sense Of Your Birth Chart

These are asteroids and we will cover these at a later time as well. Not all astrologers include the asteroids but I find them extremely helpful.

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When a chart is erected, it is put on a degree wheel with 12 signs of 30 degrees each. These signs are named for constellations of stars such as Aries, Taurus and so forth. Notice the outer ring with the zodiac symbols in between numbers. The numbers are the degree locations of each house based on the degree in the sign.

ASTROLOGY 101 - Zodiac, Houses, Moon Signs, Rising Signs, Planet Energy & Birth Charts

For example, on my chart, at the far left side I have Pisces at 06'52 degrees. On this chart, at the far left side I have Pisces at 06'52 degrees. Notice the outer ring with the 12 zodiac symbols in between the numbers.

Calculate Your Vedic Astrology Chart

These signs are are constellations of stars such as Aries, Taurus and so forth. The inner circle which is bisected by lines represents the 12 houses. The planets and points located within the signs are marked with a degree of the sign they are in. Once you begin looking at other people's charts and recognizing the symbols you will find it easy to recognize the differences and remember the names and meanings. Each of the twelve signs represent archetypes or universal qualities.

In human psychology it would be seen as personality types such as The Initiator, The Communicator, The Philosopher, and so on. The Chart shows on the left the first house and the sign Aries. This shows how the original astrological system is based. The first house and Aries share the same type of energy, or personality in that it represents or is ruled by Mars and this sign has energy, desire, drive and talent.

Calculate Your Vedic Astrology Chart

On the right side you see Venus and the Sign Libra representing the house of partnership, love and fulfillment. The graphic below shows where the Ascendant and Midheaven are located.

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  • Notice how east is left and west is right and South is at the top. This is because Western astrologers, use as a starting point the position of the Sun within the landscape of the stars at the Northern hemisphere vernal equinox i. It occurs about March 21st in the Northern hemisphere and Sept 23 in the Southern hemisphere each year. The First House where Aries is natural, is the beginning point. It is the point rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth, also known as the Ascendant. Your Rising Sign or Ascendant is your persona and how the world sees you and how you see through it into the world.

    We will cover this further in Part II, however it is important to note now that this sign starts your wheel and the rest of the signs follow in order in the various houses.

    House (astrology)

    Notice that the inner ring is also divided into 12 pie-shaped sections or houses. Planets and signs and everything changes and moves in a chart, except the houses and their locations. The 1st House is located in every chart at the middle far right and flows counter-clockwise.

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    • This is why it is referred to as the stage where influences play out. Each astrological house influences different areas of your life, as shown in this graphic. Have a look at your natal chart and note the planets within the various houses. Now look at your own chart.

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      What sign is at the 1st house? What planets are inside the 1st house? These planets represent different facets of who you are, expressing their energies through the signs that they occupy in your chart. Now lets have a bit of fun Do you want to calculate your birth chart? In astrology, it is believed that we, ourselves is the energy. Planets and stars including the sun serves as the sign to predict the things to happen in our life. Every planet is believed to be a correspondent of a certain and particular type of energy.

      What does the sun indicates in particular? Simply, it indicates about our own self and the things we are to develop in us. The astrological birth chart is actually combined together with the sun. So, the movements of the planets is combined with the sun.